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First off to clarify, I am NO mechanic.
I can do a lot of things but the more complicated things get the less likely I am to do the job.
There is a post detailing a conversion here ( which seems to me to be very complicated and very expensive.
My vivid imagination (which sometimes runs away from me and I have to try and catch up) tells me you might be able to fit a hydraulic clutch unit to the left bar, although I don't know where you would find the space.
Then run a hydraulic line from the unit to the hydraulic connector just behind the brake pedal and utilise a connector.
How that might affect the ABS or the brake proportioning system I have no idea!! OR if it would even work/be possible!!
I am ASSUMING that you want to move your "footpegs/boards rearwards, delete the brake pedal and utilise a left hand brake lever.
See attached photo re board mount.
There are 2 boltholes in a bracket behind the black surround behind the footboard.
A small(ish) bracket bolts to that and holds the footboard via a pin and spring
You may be able to have a (right angle?) bracket made to attach at the chassis bolt holes and have another hole(s) in it to attach a set of kuryakyn or other brand of pegs.
Of course depending on where you positioned the pegs you may not be able to reach the brake pedal so would need to consider doing both at the same time (if feasible)
I would go to a few bike shops and check out the mounts for the pegs and see if you could adapt something
Good luck
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