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  1. Sorry not sure where i got 'John' from!!
  2. Hi John
    I apologise for not replying to your message earlier than this, I just logged on after being absent for a while, I have sold my DN and now ride a Triumph Sprint. I am pleased that you managed to achieve transition from the other forum to this, well done! I still like to check in from time to time and catch up with the world of DN, I may buy another but for now I am enjoying the Triumph.
  3. Good News. I have contacted John, the owner of and he has agreed to give me the site data so I can incorperate it into this site.
  4. Hi james I would be totally interested.. Get that admin to contact me here. I tried to register as a user there to contact him but the site is not accepting registrations
  5. James here, I have been a member of the other forum since I bought my DN back in 2009, also a member here, you may not know that the other forum is closing in November 2013 and as a result the wealth of information there may be lost. Would you have any interest in migrating content from it to this forum, it may also bring some additional members to your forum.

    Pasted here is a ling to forum...I would imagine you know of it but just in case.

    Kind regards
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