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Thread: Where was your last ride?

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    Default Back with the scooter crew

    With the weather getting better/nicer, I hooked up with the local scooter riders (12) (7 Bridges Scooter Club) for a Sunday luncheon. We spent 2 hours roving the back roads of North Florida making our way to Fernandina Beach. Brett's Waterway Café was our destination and it was well worth the ride. Temps were in the 80's and the seafood was delicious. Came back on my own and gave the Dino a GOOD workout (100+ mph) on a few long stretches. I hope she enjoyed it, I know I did!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stove Pipe View Post
    Good Question for the group. Logging our trips might bring a little more activity to the board?

    JoAnn & I rode yesterday here in the Ozarks, her on her DN-01 & me on my XR-650L. We stopped by Sunrise Honda at Searcy, where they did the service letter of the spark plug cap replacements on her DN-01. The ride was 161 miles total, in great weather, temp in the upper 60's, fall colors just wonderful, also had a great lunch at Colton's in Searcy.
    Last ride was January 27th, 2018.
    Out for the day with two friends.
    Sydney to Katoomba to Oberon to Goulburn back to Sydney.
    Between Oberon and Goulburn we got hit by a freak storm. I came off the road on a gentle right hander covered in water. Went down a small embankment into some tall dry grass. Hidden in the grass was a very large rock. Got the front wheel around it but nothing else back from the rear break pedal. Don't remember what happened after that. Mates took 30 minutes to find me flat on my belly and falling in and out of consciousness. Due to remote crash scene, it took 75 minutes for the Ambulance Paramedics to arrive. (Rescue helicopter couldn't come due to severe weather). After assessment, I was driven by ambulance to nearest Hospital...75 minutes away and with neck brace on as well as some pain relief for the trip. Got into Hospital immediately and had full body MRI. Incredibly nothing broken and no internal damages. Only a bad concussion. My Shoei Neotech saved me from a lot worse as well as wearing all the right gear. I was allowed to leave the Hospital the next day. Took a week off.
    Saw my bike about 10 days later. Shattered - me and the bike. It had obviously nosed dived and threw me away...about 8M+ I was told. The right hand side of the bike was an absolute mess. Insurance Company wrote it off. Now one less DN-01 in Australia out of the 83 that came here originally.
    Finally I'm ready mentally to go riding again. Big problem is what to buy next. Might wait for the new NC750XD to arrive here...or buy another DN-01. Not sure yet?

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    Hi R59,
    Sorry to hear about your accident.
    Glad you're recovering well.
    Glad to see you're still interested in riding.
    I had a couple of freak weather events a few years back while I was living in Wollongong.
    One!!! the other windy (100kph+)
    I'm here to tell you that GSXR600's do not like wet weather and Ducati 1098's do not like crosswinds.
    Anyways, if you're still interested in a dino check out my ad in "for sale" section or on Gumtree.
    PM me if you are interested
    Good luck going forward

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    Mrs Z and I were out 2 days ago . One of are usual rides that is twisty as the dickens .
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    Everything ends. And here ends our journey with DN-01. The our last ride was from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow where she was sold. Then I`ve bought XLX 1000 there and rode back from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg in the same day.
    Anyway, I`m still here and will be.

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    Everything will be fine

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    У меня была пару дней назад поездка из Москвы в Донецк(Украина). Дорога составила около 1200 км в одну сторону. Это первая моя такая дальняя поездка, в сторону Донецка доехал без происшествий. А вот обратно уже хуже... В Воронеже, не доезжая 500 км до Москвы у меня стали зашкаливать обороты и не набиралась скорость... Довезли на эвакуаторе до Москвы... Вот теперь сижу и думаю как решить эту поломку...

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    Sorry to see your DN-01 out of the forum, will the new owner join? Will you continue to help us out here?
    Hope you stay on the forum your posts have been very useful!

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