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Thread: stuck in d mode. ..... help

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    Quote Originally Posted by tounsy View Post
    hello I had the same problem as you but sorry if my english is bad, I'm french and I translate my word with internet
    impossible for me to leave the D mode
    I thought immediately of a problem of sensor and after my researches I changed three pieces the least expensive
    here are the 3 pieces:
    number 20 :
    number 22
    number 23

    since that day I have no problem
    I have already done 10,000kms since the change
    after I do not say it's THE solution but for me it has solved the problem
    very simple to change and not very expensive, just a screw to dismount and shoot on the sensor
    Good to hear, but the lock-up solenoid valve (#23) has no connection to N/D mechanism. It`s only starting to work after 85 km/h in D and 115km/h in S mode. The "bump" we`re feeling when cruising around this speed is the activated lock-up solenoid. That`s all
    Anyway, if you have problem with N -> D or D -> N, you sould wait a little and the bike will show you the blinking "_" error code.
    It will be 45 (neutral oil pressure sensor) or 14 (N/D solenoid valve lock). No known exceptions
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    Smile change Right switch

    Quote Originally Posted by JOHNVOLT View Post
    I own DN 01 Almost a year doing some ''tricks'' i ve learn all this time when the dn stucks on D mode....try one off the following one at a time , cause is not always for the same reason when it does this problem....a) shake the bike a bit for the htf pistons to be in the right place inside b) have press on ingition button when you turn on the key c) take off the battery poles for 15mins D) charge your battery so that the ecu has enough power to make a full check when u turn on the key....when i try one of the above i always have a positive result and i always start the bike...remember always to turn the mode to ''N'' before u turn off the bike
    Updated solution for starting problems
    Finally i had to replace the right swinch with a new one due to moisture problem in the D-N selector total cost 250 euros .... plus the sensor on the stand which i disable it to avoid replace it,also....
    now the bike is fine and no more starting problems even after wash or any heavy rain
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