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Thread: What do you think about when you ride alone...

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    Default What do you think about when you ride alone...

    I often ride alone, on rural roads with little or no traffic. Not having to pay attention to traffic, or chatty companions, my mind often starts to drift to other subjects besides the task at hand.

    I sometimes even engage in internal dialogues about all kinds of subjects.

    I find that this is a good way, for me at least, to compensate for the loneliness of long solo rides. It is also a great way to sort out problems or issues facing me at the moment.

    Of course, once traffic picks up my mind focus back on the road ahead.

    What do you think about when you ride by yourself?

    Do you have internal dialogues?

    About what?

    Just curious.


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    It's lonely out there! I do agree with no stimulation when you are alone!

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