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Thread: Battery ?

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    So, I find myself flabbergasted, and must post yet again. After all the positive posts I've put on here about Shorai batteries, I'm sure you've all heard enough - but you haven't heard this - with ANY lead acid battery - regardless of quality.

    I took ill in October 2018, and had some surgery on my spine in the winter 2019. I made a conscious decision not to ride my motorcycle this year - to help relieve my back pains.

    So, Yesterday was the first time in almost a year that I had any interest in riding. When I took ill, my wife and a neighbour pushed my bike to the back yard, and threw the cover on it. It remained outside all winter with temperatures below -20C and then all summer with temperatures over +30C. The tank was full, however not treated with winterizing. Absolutely no maintenance was done to the bike for nearly a year. There was no charger or maintainer hooked up - I didn't even 'top-up' the battery (which was left on-board all year) before attempting to start.

    You guessed it. I put the key in the ignition - the bike ran through it's electronic checks - the headlight came on, and appeared bright - so I pushed the button. She fired right up. After cranking all of 3 seconds she fired, and idled soundly. I rev'd the engine - a wonderful sound (Keep in mind, this battery was installed new, in spring 2012 about 7-1/2 years ago)

    Beat that Lead/acid - battery maintainer people. - yeah...speaking to you in Florida dude! LOL (there is a video posted to Facebook DN-01 page.)
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    GOOD to hear. Lithium is BETTER but does require it's own 'special' charger/maintainer. Lead acid is MORE common and easier to get a hold of, as are their charger/maintainers. I just haven't crossed over to your side YET!
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