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    Hello there. I am from Derbyshire, England and seem to have just bought a DN-01 with only 1765 miles on it. My wife will ride it when she feels the inclination as she had a bad bike accident in 2011 and has only gone pillion since but now feels she would like to ride again on the odd occasion. I have only ridden it 4 miles since it was delivered as the weather has been rather bad but I must admit I was impressed. We also have a Victory Magnum, an ST1300 Pan and a Yamaha YBR125.

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    Default 1300 vs 700...... well.....

    Welcome to our little club.

    I'm pretty sure that the 1300 will give the DN-01 a good run for the money, but you will still be quite impressed with the pick up and agility of the Dino. I ride with a group most of the time, and nobody is waiting on me to keep up. Quite often, it's the other way.

    Stay safe, and I hope your wife's recovery includes many miles on the DN-01

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    Default Welcome

    A worthy addition to your collection, had mine for 7 years. At least the snow's disappeared for now!

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