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Thread: WTB Missing parts

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    Default WTB Missing parts

    I just acquired a DN-01 in pieces. I was told it was complete, i.e. all parts were there, but sadly, not true. So, I have need of the following:-

    • Headlight (3 light non US unit) & side/parking light
    • COWL ASSY., FR. UPPER (to suit above headlight, mounts screen)
    • Handlebars and upper and lower covers
    • Front side cowls (black)
    • Rear LH side cowl (black)
    • Lower cowls/bellypan (black)
    • L&R Mirror assemblies complete

    I am in the UK, but other sources considered.

    One thing really puzzles me. Why do DN-01s always crash onto the Left Hand Side?
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    My primary source was eBay, but there is recently was a few DN-01 for parts in Moscow with REALLY cheap prices. Go check this link and look on photos.
    If you`ll find something interesting, feel free to ask me. I can help you with buying and shipping.

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