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Thread: Dim Oil Check Light

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    Question Dim Oil Check Light

    Hi Friends! Just bought myself a used DN-01 2008, 33000 km.
    Everything seems to be fine, engine starts in 2 seconds, HFT shifts smooth an fast in manual mode, and no errors "-"
    But as took it home I've noticed a dim and barely visible (In a sunlight) oil check light, while engine is running and it does not depend on RPMs.
    When ignition is on, and engine has not yet started the Oil Light shines brightly, like it should.
    I've looked through this forum and DN Service manual and understood that there should not be such state of Oil Light, - ON or Off only.
    And tried the following:
    1. Checked oil level, it was at High point,- tried to take about 0,4L out, so the oil Level is right in the middle - it did not help.
    2. Replaced EOP Switch with a completely new original one - it did not help.
    3. Tried to unplug and check connections of every sensor - it did not help
    4. Checked relays - it did not help
    5. Took of the battery and fully charged it (it is not original and in good condition) - it did not help

    Maybe the problem is somewhere inside the dashboard or wiring? Has anyone had this issue?

    Tomorrow I am going to visit official Honda service to replace Oil, filter, coolant and brake fluid, and will ask them to measure the actual Oil Pressure.

    Here is the picture taken in garage:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Possibly not a 'true' ground for the oil check light indicator therefore reading some volts when the bike is running. (Imperfection in the indicator panel wiring board)
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    Thanks for your advice, I'v decided to start from main Ground Terminal, barely found it and it was rusty. I cleaned it well and it did not help
    When I disconnect EOP switch wire - there is still a dim oil light during combination meter initialization (ignition ON)
    But noticed the following behavior: when EOP Switch disconnected, and TCM 33P connector is disconnected too, when I turn ignition ON - dim oil light does not appear.
    If I connect EOP Switch in this state - it lights brightly. So this problem seems to be with TCM or some other stuff that connects through TCM.
    Any other ideas?
    Click image for larger version. 

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