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  • Good News. I have contacted John, the owner of and he has agreed to give me the site data so I can incorperate it into this site.
    Hi james I would be totally interested.. Get that admin to contact me here. I tried to register as a user there to contact him but the site is not accepting registrations
    Hi PDiddy,
    Good on you for your choice of ride they aren't everyone's cuppa but I love them, I haven't bothered with side panniers at all like you I don't want to drill holes and I make do with a seat bag which is just fine and expands to take a full face helmet if I need. Oxford produce it. I am on another DN forum which has a few more Aussies on it I will insert a link in this message for you.

    There's a very active fellow in Sydney on that forum he posts under the name 'Airbag'


    Actually it was good fortune I picked your message up as I haven't frequented this forum for a while.
    HI Redn01. I have just joined the communtiy and live on the Central Coast in NSW, and was wondering if you have tried or even heard of what kind of bags would suit the DN01, I brought a set of Dririder Touring Panniers today, but they dont fit, due to the buckle under the set, they seat then wont lock down, I really dont want to have to drill holes into the body work, so the soft panniers are my preference. Would appreciate any info you have,
    I have just got my black, licence( older rider and didnt get bike licence prior to the change in 2009). Cant wait to take the bike out on the weekend,
    Looking forward to reading info on the community forum, pity most of the owners are in USA.
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