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    Old Vultus Forum

    You can find the titles of some of the threads, at least, at It's not much. All the links are broken. A little sleuthing might find more.
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    Looking for other NM4 owners

    My NM4 is on Riders-Share, and I always make sure to tell people that if they are used to an upright bike that they need to take it easy at first and lean the bike into corners a lot more dramatically than they're used to. Fortunately the style of riding with the legs forward tends to encourage...
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    Slightly wider tire? or any tire siggestions?

    Pilot Power appear to be the cruiser version of Pilot Road. And I guess GT are the heavy duty version? Maybe not required for my 700cc, but maybe last longer?
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    Slightly wider tire? or any tire siggestions?

    I have Shinko 011 Verge on my NM4 and have been disappointed in the wear, they are a bit sloppy as they age. I'd try the 016 Verge with dual compound but I'm not finding the front available. I'm probably going to go with 190/55 on the rear, there seem to be a lot more pairings available with...