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  1. Alexandre

    Cutting slots in windscreen to help with the wind

    Neat setup, and I guess the bike feels more secure and solid now ! Motorways trip should be pretty comfortable now. But I can't help lamenting the poor fabrication and design of the Givi screen (flimsy, not tall enough, weird shape... and not even really transparent). So much work is needed to...
  2. Alexandre

    Fitting Cruise Control

    Excellent stuff ! Thanks for the pictures and explanations. I will definitely look into doing it myself !
  3. Alexandre

    Wiring Diagrams or Color schematics

    Hi all, I don't really have the time to do a translation, even if it's not complicated it's time-consuming... I've opened the PDF file and all the text is there in letter by letter and not word by word, so a lot of cleaning would be needed. As my dealer gently sent me the PDF file on asking...
  4. Alexandre

    How to reduce the throttle return strength

    Hi, There is no problem with the throttle coming back to idle : the spring still does its job, it's just less violent in doing so. I'm sure you will find it more comfortable this way ! 😜
  5. Alexandre

    Super Hero DN-01

    Hi all, I've discovered that the DN-01 starred in 2009 in the Japanese Tokusatsu series KAMEN RIDER DECADE ! The hero rides a very lightly modified DN-01 (with magenta fins styled like is helmet on the winscreen and tail). You can see the bike on video here (at 11:30) and here ! A toy was...
  6. Alexandre

    How to reduce the throttle return strength

    Hi all, One of the biggest bugbear during my 7000km trip across Europe in October was the constant pain from the very hard tension of the throttle grip. After my grand tour was over, I immediately replaced my 2 throttle cables with brand new ones, which did reduce the effort required by...
  7. Alexandre


    Hi all, I hated the Givi/Kappa screen so much that I have now replaced it with a MRA unit, fitted to the handlebar thanks to the OEM GPS bracket. I think the look is less ugly, more discreet... but still very alien ! Protection can easily be adapted thanks to the mounting pivots. An upper...
  8. Alexandre

    DN-01 radiator - is it used on any other bike?

    Hi all, My bike is now fitted with the a Golpher radiator, ceramic-coated exhaust and brand-new coolant. Of course this is the cold season here, but the fan does not kick in at every red light, and the exhaust does not cook my right leg any more - so I'm very pleased for now. Of course the real...
  9. Alexandre

    Lightweight DN-01

    Hi all, I don't remember seeing this bike on the forum previously, so I thought I'd share as I like the concept of riding a naked DN-01 : Many pics and info on The Motor Brothers' website : Enjoy ! Alexandre
  10. Alexandre

    Dn-01 hard bags

    By the way, the yellow bike also wears a Cruising Backrest! ;)
  11. Alexandre

    Dn-01 hard bags

    Hi all, Regarding top cases, in France we had the option of a Honda rack ref : 08L42-MEH80-0FH on which you could mount the Honda Accessories 45L top box (my bike has version 8L55-MCW-8000-15-A, in shiny black). More practical than the Crusing Backrest, if less funky-looking ! For side cases...
  12. Alexandre

    DN-01 radiator - is it used on any other bike?

    The theory is that ceramic coating the outer tube will reduce the heat radiating out. I can testify the thing works on my 4-cylinder 400 Katana - you can touch it right after having had a ride which is quite surprising. I hope the effect will be enough to reduce the number of "fan on" cycles on...
  13. Alexandre

    DN-01 radiator - is it used on any other bike?

    Thanks again Knob for all your precious info. I've ordered a Golpher radiator as mine was clogged with gravel and the bike tends to heat up in traffic. Hopefully this will help, with the addition of a fender extension ! I also plan to have the exhaust pipes ceramic-coated to reduce the heat...
  14. Alexandre

    New DN01 owner from Belgium

    Hi Dominique, glad to see another Frenchie around. I went through Belgium two weeks ago and had a good time there - but I must say the roads are in terrible condition ! Coming from the Netherlands on a rainy day was a bit of a shock ;) Have a great time with your DN !
  15. Alexandre

    7000km in one month - my Euro tour with DN-01 !

    I'm going back to Bordeaux tomorrow and I will have spent a month with the DN-01 and ridden something like 7000km. The bike was impeccable for the trip. Did not drink oil ! It really needs a bigger screen to travel, though - the Givi screen + spoiler still let noisy air around the helmet and...
  16. Alexandre

    7000km in one month - my Euro tour with DN-01 !

    I'm now back in Hyeres where my girlfriend lives - I came South through the Route Napoleon. Autumn is here and the twisty roads displayed superb colours !
  17. Alexandre

    7000km in one month - my Euro tour with DN-01 !

    Came back West to Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium, then South to the Doubs and Jura region in France, then Lyon.
  18. Alexandre

    7000km in one month - my Euro tour with DN-01 !

    Back to France in Starsbourg, then Germany again in Bonn, Dortmund and away to Hannover.
  19. Alexandre

    7000km in one month - my Euro tour with DN-01 !

    Crossed the Austrian border to go to Munich then Stuttgart (Porsche Museum !) and Karlsruhe (modern art again).