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  1. spyuggy

    R.I.P. Norrie

    I know it is late for this news, but it has taken me time to build courage up to post it, my brother Norrie has sadly died of cancer 17 Feb 2017. He was a keen biker and was part of this forum, he owned a lovely DN01. I hope he is riding a DN01 in heaven. R.I.P. Norrie.
  2. spyuggy

    Wanted Motorcycle Trailer

    Wanted Bike Trailer. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, but willing to travel. A single or triple will do. Condition unimportant. Thanks for reading this. Got one, Thanks anyway
  3. spyuggy

    Looking for a DN01

    got me a DN01 I am trying to get a DN01. I have a Honda Deauville 650, it runs well, 60 mpg with 12,500 miles on the clock, but it is too high for me, (I must be shrinking). I have lowered the front end, but it still seems high, so it has to be a low rider from now on.:( I have now bought a...
  4. spyuggy

    DN01 Wanted

    Hi everybody, At the moment I own a Honda Deauville 650, it runs sweet with 12,500 on the clock and returns 60 mpg. My problem is my height and I find the machine a little too tall for me, so I am looking for a second hand DN01. I just missed a beauty with all the gismos on it...
  5. spyuggy

    waiting for it

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, so give me a chance. I own a Honda Deauville at the moment, but I am waiting for the right DN 01 to come along. My brother owns one and I was riding it last week, what a machine. I have been riding for many years now, but this is the ultimate machine. Hope...