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  1. SARider

    Help with Stalling Issue

    Hi All and Happy New year, good riding in the Southern Hemisphere and hope the winter in the Northern side of the world is short. Need some collective wisdom please - bike is a 2009 version with only 6,000kms on the clock, rode at the end of last Summer/Autumn - June 2016 down here, and all...
  2. SARider

    Rear rack flat plate for Givi FZ265 rack

    Hi All, anyone else have this challenge - I need a flat plate to mount onto the Givi rear rack so I can locate a top box mount plate (Rjays) a little further back to retain OEM passenger backrest. Would also like to use the flat plate to mount soft luggage a I have Kuryarkyn tour pack as well...
  3. SARider

    Installing a Givi rack

    Just about to pluck the courage to start pulling glorious red panels of the bike to put on the 265FZ Givi rack. Any thoughts advice gratefully accepted. I'm planning to get a top-box only (Monlock) and think I can use a Universal plate (Givi) as I have the OEM passenger seat backrest installed...
  4. SARider

    DN-01 Engine touchup paint

    Hi there I have a red DN01 and need a drop of touchup paint for the engine got scratched by previous owner, just like to fix it - has anyone come across the right gray engine paint?
  5. SARider

    Just bought a DN-01

    Hi all new poster and new bike - well new to me, Candy red DN01 pick-up next week, 2008 with 1900 kms on the clock - I think I grabbed a bargain, polished but not ridden. Coming off a Valkyrie I have owned from new (1997) - be interested to see how the DN-01 holds up. I'll give you some views...