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  1. JimBob


    I do appreciate the hard work it takes to conduct this forum. It's been a invaluable resource for those of us who've got this rare bird of a bike. I use mine for commuting a lot. I do a lot of urban writing and kind of grocery getting now that I have my givi bags and tail trunk. My brothers who...
  2. JimBob

    Power Commander??

    Is anyone in this forum used power commander on the Dino? If so what kind of results did you get?
  3. JimBob

    Brand New DN-01

    I commute roughly 26 miles both ways to work every day. It rides smooth it's stable as a rock and I like the fact that I can grab the throttle and just roll it on whenever I want to I have no problem passing. I like using it in the drive mode in the manual mode sport mode is absolutely useless.
  4. JimBob

    Honda NM4 dead battery

    Under the seat and easier access than on dino
  5. JimBob

    gas milage mods?

    I was thinking of something like the power commander there are many similar ones. I'll see what i can find.
  6. JimBob

    gas milage mods?

    Are there any mods available to improve fuel milage??