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    Leaving in Drive mode?

    Hi folks, always wondered whether you can leave in Drive/ Sport mode all the time while engine is running i.e. when stopped at lights or an intersection etc. for a speedier getaway? It's just like it being in Neutral anyway as you can push back / forward with no resistance whatsoever... Many thanks.
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    Occasional squeal from engine?

    Hi when my dino is cold, when I rev it I'm getting a slight squeal from the top of the engine area that seems to persist after throttling off for about 1 second. Only noticed after Xmas break when I didn't ride it for ~ 2 - 3 weeks. Took out for a long run and the noise went. Started it up...
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    Radiator fan problem?

    Hi went for a ride (8 miles) out in country, but when came back into city, radiator fan came on fairly soon after sitting in traffic. The traffic was very light though but after another 2 miles fan was still on when I got back home? I also find that travelling 3 miles into work in light traffic...
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    Rusty box underneath?

    Hello, new to forum, on my DN-01 and just about every other one I've seen, there is a rusty (exhaust?) box underneath which seems to contrast with the shiny stainless exhaust. Will these boxes eventually rust through? Has anyone ever replaced one and are they expensive? Thanks.