2008 Black Beauty for Sale Canberra Australia. AU$6299 negotiable


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Hi all, regrettably I need to sell my Dino. This is a beautiful bike that has been under cover and well cared for. Bought and serviced at Canberra Motorcycle Centre, if you're looking for one of these rare beasts then look no further.
Full Givi Monokey paniers and topbox. Soft inserts for paniers.
Givi Extended windshield.
Heated handgrips
Corbin custom heated touring seat with backrest
New front tyre 90% Rear 60%
Regularly serviced and major services done
IMG_1218.jpegDN01 6x4.jpg


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And I just bought it from Ian, the bloke who got it from PJ. It was exactly what I wanted. Paid $7,000 plus $425 shipping. Arrives into Queensland in just over two weeks.

We will use our red Dino for local scooter style trips and when my wife and I ride together I’ll ride this black one.
I thought we would sell our Vespa but my wife wants to keep it as a room decoration in the foyer. LOL

Thanks PJ for the chat on the phone about your old bike. It helped confirm what I thought about Ian. Genuine bloke. Swaps bikes more than sone people swap their Reg Grundies*