Centre (high beam) light upgrade?


It's now dark when I leave home and dark when I get back on my daily commute. The combination of unlit twisty roads in the rain and lots of sections with mud and leaves requires a decent headlight.
The dipped beam on the DN-01 is just about ok, however the high/full beam is terrible. I've been used to the twin beams on a ST1300 which were better than my car, so I'm struggling with the light offered by the DN-01.
I have the European version (both side lights are always on for the dipped beam, and the single centre light is switched for full beam).
I've seen Khaan's light upgrade which looks excellent, but I'm not sure I want to go to that much effort if I can avoid it. Is there a simple way of upgrading the centre high beam (ideally just replacing the bulb)?

The European version has both lights on for low beam? I'd be interested in changing out the stock US headlight toe a Euro version. Has anybody done this?