my maiden voyage


I took my new dino for it's first ride yesterday, about 20 miles... all of it in "D" mode :)

things I luv -- handling, acceleration, braking :cool:

concerns -- I get a fair amount of vibration from the drivetrain, at idle & during "hard" acceleration... doesn't bother me in the least, but wondering it that's normal ; found a trace of coolant on the frame rail under my left foot... wiped it off, will monitor :confused:


Congrats on the 1st ride!

That is not our experience- Sukuta Girl's Dino is very smooth, no vibration except a mild sensation from "revving" the engine. Smelled coolant when it was new but nothing since in 7300 miles.

Terran Sin
Chief Farkle Mechanic and Valet to Sukuta Girl