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When I park and take the bike out of drive and into neutral and hit the kill switch I have one of those lines that just continually blinks. Is this a fault code or is it suppose to be there?
I believe the 'blinking line' is letting you know that the HFT is lost. Is the key still turned 'on' when you get the line that blinks?
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New member. Bought mine in Portland and drove it down to San Diego where I live. Any other dino owners around San Diego?
hallo, vanuit Nederland.
Na 25 jaar oa Goldwing, Paneuropean., BMW, nu de overstap gemaakt naar de DN-01 vanwege de verfijnde automatische transmissie.
Het is een zwarte uitvoering met givi koffers en verhoogde ruit.
Hallo, vanuit Belgie,Vlaanderen,
Hier ga je zeker geen spijt van krijgen, zuiver luxe om met een DN 01 te rijden.
Greetings from Moldova's only officially registered DN-01!!!
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Great, we are about only 30 in Canada... but this bike is so wonderful... enjoy !