New / Used DN-01's


some observations (USA) :

the red bikes are proving to be a much more difficult sell than the black bikes...

the "price floor" on a new/leftover Dino seems to have settled at $8499...

I've seen pre-owned DN-01's for as low as $4700, but it looks to me like their prices are tracking almost parallel to new ones...

I just purchased a new black one, from Honda of Chattanooga, for $8499 -- they also have a pre-owned red one, for $6999...

only other new black one I've seen at this price,

I noticed that H & W Honda in Marshall Texas has a new red one that has 100 demo miles on it for $7,999.

I also feel your right about the black verses the red. My wife's bike is black.

Also; noted on the link provided above that Pete's Cycles has a used Black with 1,126 miles listed for $8,999. Wow! Their new one is $500 less than their used one.
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yes, I've seen that kind of price disparity in cars too.

I think it has to do with how much a dealership owns the vehicle for -- if a used one was financed, with little or no down-payment, the dealer (or loan originator) can be into it for alot more than a new one (which can have rebates and other incentives on it)...